Rochester for LPG
Rochester M6200
M6200 Series gauges are widely used to measure liquid levels of fuels, hydraulic fluids, re frig er ants, lube oils and cryogenic products in pres sur ized tanks, columns or vessels up to 300 PSIG [20,7 Bar]. Stainless steel mounting bolts are optional.

General Information & Features
Direct-reading fractional dials, gear actions and alu - mi num floats are standard models. Remote-reading Twin Site™ send ers are avail able for some models. Lever actions are avail able for centerline mounted models. Nitrile rub ber floats are optional. Please refer to in struc tions on “How to Order” on reverse side of this technical data sheet.
Model #
Mounting Standard  Direct. Reading  Dial Remote-Reading Sender
Top 5323S01793 N/A
  N/A Specify 0-90 or 240-30 Ohm
Twinsite™  Sender
M6243 C/L or Angle
M6260 Top 5025S00570 (Side Reading) N/A
M6280 5002S00062
M6283 C/L or Angle
M6290 Top 5013S00456 (4”)
M6293 C/L or Angle
Sr. Switchgauge
Top Standard Switch #5023S00778, S.P.S.T., 150 VDC, 1/2 Amp. Please furnish tank drawings and switch points so proper gauge and calibration can be supplied.  Other switches available, see DS-364.
M6253 C/L or Angle


Rochester 6200
  Junior gauges are supplied standard with 0015-00007 Buna-N gasket and four 0040-00414 zinc-plated steel mounting screws (1⁄4" — 28 x 7⁄8") for attachment to a gauge adapter with 2.03" [51,5] diameter bolt circle (see Rochester Machining Standard MS-501).
  Models 6281 and 6284 Junior gauges used on above ground ASME storage tanks are equipped with direct reading 5323S01749 percentage dials. Model 6281 Junior gauges used on below ground ASME storage tanks are equipped with direct-reading 5323S01813 percentage dials. Models 6241 and 6244 Junior gauges used on ASME motor fuel tanks are equipped with direct-reading 5323S01789 fractional dials. Refer to list #D6200 for part numbers of the various direct-reading dials for model 6281 and 6284 Junior gauges used on DOT lift truck cylinders.
  All gauges in the 6240 series and B6240 series incorporates a strongermagnet necessary to drive remote reading TwinSite™ senders in motor fuel applications. Refer to list #D6200 for part numbers and ohm ranges available.
  All Senior gauges except models 6290 and 6293 come equipped with 0015-0004 Buna-N gaskets and four 0040-00415 zinc plated steel mounting screws, (5⁄16" — 24 x 7⁄8"), for attachment to a gauge adapter with 2.5" [63,5] diameter bolt circle (see Rochester
  Adapter Machining Standard MS-502). Model 6280 and 6283 Senior gauges used on above ground ASME storage tanks are equipped with direct-reading 5001S00001 percentage dials.
  Models 6290 and 6293 Senior gauges with stainless steel heads may be used on above ground horizontal or vertical ASME storage tanks over 3500 [13250 liters] gallon capacity and are equipped with cap screws, teflon-filled, stainless steel gaskets, stronger magnets and direct-reading 4" diameter percentage dials. Tank drawings must be furnished for all vertical tanks so we can recommend computer generated gauge adapter placement to correspond with an assortment of standard dials and dial sets calibrated for vertical tanks.


Rochester 6300
The 6300 Series Magnetel™ liquid-level gauges are de signed to accurately determine the percentage of total tank volume for most liquids in station ary-stor age applications. UL listed for LP Gas and NH3 service.

General In for ma tion & Features
These Mag ne tel™ Gaug es are available in four basic models:
Model 6336 — Incorporates 4" [100 mm] dial and is designed for top mounting.
Model 6360 — Incorporates 8" [200 mm] dial and is designed for top mounting.
Model 6339 — Incorporates 4" [100 mm] dial and is designed for side, end or angle mounting.
Model 6342 — Incorporates an 8" [200 mm] dial and is designed for side, end or angle mounting.
The large, easy-to-read di als are also easy to remove and re place. Materials of construction vary depend ing on the types of liq uids to be gauged. Many dif fer ent op tion al fea tures are avail able to meet your spe cif ic needs. These ma te ri als and options, along with their pricing impact, are sum ma rized for each model in price list 6300. Magnetel™ gauges are designed for work ing pressures ranging from atmospheric to 450 [31 Bar] psig.


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