Mouvex CC8 Pumps and filters
      Your solution for Petroleum product transfer on tanker (Up to 80 m3/h) 8 bars.


• Safety
• Integrated By-pass avoiding any over pressure
• The unused ended shaft is protected by a casing
• Compatible with diesel, heating oil, petrol,biodiesel paraffin, kerosene, oil heavy fuel, bitumen… • Compact and so fits in narrow spaces
• Double ended shaft facilitates the mounting depending on the rotation directions
• Broad flow range
• Silent
• Constant flow rate
• Drains the pipes


• Heating Jackets
• Relief Valves (Spring; Air-Operated, Air-Operated + Spring)
• Hydraulic Adapter


Installation Operation Maintenance (IOM)
CC8-40 CC8-50 CC8-65
CC8-40P CC8-50P CC8-65P
CC8-40V CC8-65V
CC8-65 EP
Assembly of flange for GT reduction gear or hydraulic trunk on pump CC8


Parts lists
CC8-40A CC8-50A


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