Pumps and filters
Durable pumps for fast and quiet operation. Transport pumps and compressors Blackmer (www.mouvex.com, www.blackmer.com ) are worldwide used for: Fuel oil delivery truck; Fleet refueling; Lube oil; Aviation refuelers;  Transport of: petro chemicals, gasoline, biofuels, solvents and many more.


Part # Р-р Min Flow rate Max Flow rate Strainer Part #
TX15 1.5” 6 m3/h@400rpm 12 m3/h@780rpm  
CC8-40A 1.5” 19 m3/h@500rpm 48 m3/h@1200rpm PF80-CC8-BU-ST
TX2 2” 13 m3/h@520rpm 16 m3/h@640rpm BM-740054
CC8-50A 2” 24 m3/h@500rpm 47 m3/h@1000rpm PF80-CC8-BU-ST
TX25 2.5” 22 m3/h@520rpm 27 m3/h@640rpm BM-740057
CC8-65A 2.5” 28 m3/h@500rpm 61 m3/h@1000rpm PF80-CC8-BU-ST
TX3 3” 48 m3/h@520rpm 60 m3/h@640rpm BM-740062
TXH3 3” 33 m3/h@750rpm 53 m3/h@1200rpm BM-740062
AH-2152827 4” 24 m3/h@400rpm 78 m3/h@1300rpm  
CC8-80F 3” 40 m3/h@500rpm 81 m3/h@1000rpm PF100-CC8-BU-ST
TX4 4” 92 m3/h@400rpm 115 m3/h@500rpm SFY-F04-ST


Hydraulic adapters for BLACKMER and MOUVEX pumps
Part # For pumps Shaft diam
BM-891205 TX1.5, TXD2A, TXD2.5A, TXD1220, TXD1225, TXV2.5, TXH3C, TLGLF3C, STX2, STX1220 1"
BM-891464 TX1.5, TXD2, TXD1220, STX2, STX1220 (For H-series hydraulic motors) 1"
BM-891458 TXD2A, TXD2.5A, TXD1220, TXD1225, TXV2.5B, TXH3C, TLGLF3C, STX2, STX1220 1.25"
BM-895141 LGLD2E, CRL2 1.25"
BM-895142 TXD3, TXD1230, TXV3B, LGLD3E, CRL3 1.25"
BM-895140 TXD3, TXD1230, TXV3B, LGLD3E, CRL3 1"
BM-895143 TXH35A 1.25"
BM-894425 TX206A (Keyed Pump Shaft) 1.25"
BM-892037 TX206A (Splined Pump Shaft) 1.25"
BM-892228 STX3 1.25"
BM-892229 LGLD4A, CRL4, TLGLF4B 1.25"


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Dais Global LTD is founded in 2005, we are leading company in:
- Supplying equipment and maintenance for fuel tank trucks, LPG tanks, bulk tanks, chemical tanks and other transport units for hazardous loads.OPW Market have also service station for maintaining the tank trucks
- Supplies brand new and second hand tank trucks for fuels, LPG, chemicals, foods and bulk tank trucks
- Supplies equipment for petrol and chemical vehicle trestles and railway trestlesv
- Hoses and couplings for hoses(nozzles)
- Industrial pumps and flow meters. Maintenance and spare parts for pumps. BUSCH vacuum pumps, vane and centrifugal pumps BLACKMER, Alfons HAAR, PIUSI and others
- Supplying gas stations equipment.
With its entry into the segment of hoses and nozzles OPW market have modern presentations of the hoses. For the required hoses you could always find a competent salesman who will advise you in choosing the best hose for your needs.



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