Adapters and fittings for Bottom loading
891BA & 891NB API Adaptor
891BA & 891NB  API Adaptor
891BA & 891NB  API Adaptor • Designed in accordance with API RP 1004 and EN13083
• Two piece lightweight aluminium construction for maximum strenght and weight reduction
• 4" TTMA mounting flange
• Rotable hard-coated nose piece for maximum service life
• Flat bottom ensures complete drainage
• Minimum number of internals to minimize pressure drop and improve flow rate
• Bushed running surfaces for efficient operation
• Stainles steel internals for maximum service life
• Viton GFLT seals
• Compatible with diesel, bio diesel, gasoline, ethanol and methanol


875-AL40 Dust Cap
875 AL40 Dust Cap Certified per ADR up to 3 bar
Lightweight pressure die-cast aluminium construction for maximum strength and weight reduction
Easy use due to radial cam and lug design
Buna-N seal
Glass-filled nylon cams to reduce wear
Locking hole for wire security seal


871-EDB Gravity Coupler
871-EDB Dust CapThe range of 871 aluminium gravity couplers has been designed for use with API adaptors when discharging the tank truck. The range of 871 gravity couplers can be connected to any API tank-truck adaptor in accordance with API RP 1400, ADR and EN13083 standards.
Features and Benefits
• Strong die cast aluminum construction for long lifetime
• Equipped with vibration resistant TWIN-KAM cam arms
• Zink plated steel chain to connect the Gravity Coupler to the API Adaptor
• Buna seals


876 Gravity Coupler
876 Gravity CouplerThe 876 Gravity Coupler optimizes the connection between 4” API Adaptors and 3” or 4” hose connections, ensuring safe and fast unloading. The 876 has been designed with an over centre CAM for easy connection.Designed in accordance with API RP 1004, ADR and EN13083
Pressure die-cast lightweight aluminium construction for maximum strength and weight reduction
876-AL40 - 4” API x 4” Kamlok adapter, alum.
876-AL4030 - 4” API x 3” Kamlok adapter, alum.


60 Series Elbows
60 Series Elbows60TT 4" Elbows
• Available in standard 22.75" or deeper 26" heights with either a KAMLOK ® inlet connection for a smoother flow, or with a female NPT inlet
• Two-piece modular construction; top-half replaceable
• Reduced wear and ease of coupling with our patented ROLLOK ® roller-cam design
• Three sight windows for monitoring product flow
• Top seal design
Spare parts for 60TT
Spare parts for 60TTF


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