Vapour recovery adapters and valves
Vapour Kamalok couplings
Vapour Kmalok Couplings• Hose shank coupler with probe that actuates the poppet in a 633LVH, 611T or 633FPV vapor adaptor
• Available in 3"x3", 4"x4", and 4"x3" configurations
 633CV-AL4030  4”vapour kamlok coupling with hose tail for 3” hose, MS  levers
 633CV-AL4040  4”vapour kamlok coupling with hose tail for 4” hose, MS  levers
 D00272B  Brass handle for 633CV
 H20546M  Seal 4” for 633CV
 633CV-AL4040-ST  4”vapour kamlok coupling with hose tail for 4” hose, ST levers
 633CV-AL3030-ST  3”vapour kamlok coupling with hose tail for 3” hose, ST levers
 633RCV-AL4030  4”vapour kamlok coupling with thread 3” female BSP


Adapter for vapour recovery
Adapter for vapour recoveryVapor Recovery Adaptor is designed to maximize efficiency of vapor recovery with a minimum pressure drop. The Vapor Recovery Adaptor is in accordance with API RP 1004, ADR and EN13081 standards.
• 4" size or DN100
• Aluminum construction
• Connections:
4" TTMA flange
Vapor coupler connected on hose side with a 4"
Kamlok (spec. MIL-C 27487) quick coupler
• VITON® seals compatible with all fuel grades and
• Standard on the 633LVB sight glass and drain plug.
633LVB-201 4” High fl ow vapour recovery adaptor equipped with sight glass
1711Т-7085 Plastic dust cap for 633LVB-201


Vent valves
Vent valvesVapour line valve provides additional safety and security when carrying hazardous liquids. Pressure is vented into the atmosphere when it is not sealed for vapor transfer. In case of vapour transfer, vapour line valve is closed.
The Civacon T195SV Vapor Recovery Vent is designed and tested for temperature range rated at -40ºC to 71ºC. A newcap design threads into the top of the vent allows for a better seal and corrosion free design. The new design retrofits the current 1985SV and 1986SV. The presence of a locking ring prevents additional leak paths that were created by the bolt on feature of the previous1985SV. The locking ring allows more freedom for mounting the vent to the normal TTMA bolt pattern. Seals have been improved to be more compatible with chemicals that could potentially come into contact with them.
 Т195SVE  Vapor recovery vent, EN13083
 1995TWD-2B  VAPOR-LINE VENT WITH TW-FLANGE (replaces 1995TWD-2)
 SK-088  Clamp 80-85mm, for LC-94021
Vapor Recovery Vent Brochure


PKVF 65/1B Vapour recovery valve
PKVF 65/1B  Vapour recovery valveVapour transfer valve with flame arrester and sequence control, leak-proof in case of overturned tank
• pneumatically actuated, for mineral oil tankers and non-corrosive vapours
• with pneumatic sequence control, diameter of opening 3”
• connection flange according to DIN 28 461 TW 1
• outlet with connection to vapour recovery line for TW hose DN 80
 AH-1231398  PKVF-65/1B . sequence control, prepared for flamearrester LTD … tº= -25ºC ÷ 70ºC
 AH-2180897  PKVF-65/1B-N. sequence control, prepared for flamearrester LTD …  tº= -40ºC ÷ 60ºC
 AH-1640697  PKVF-65/1B-C. sequence control, with mounted cover. tº= -25ºC ÷ 70ºC
 AH-1052604  PKV-65/1B. parallel control, prepared for flamearrester LTD …  tº= -25ºC ÷ 70ºC


PVRVF Coaming vacuum safety vent
PVRVF   Coaming vacuum safety ventVent valve, pneumatically actuated for tank venting,with sequence control, according ADR 2007, with integrated pressure- vacuum valve according EN 13082 and EN 14595, leak-proof in case of overturned tank, in connection with vapour transfer valve part no. 2180904 suitable for mounting in manhole covers entirely within contour of tank shell.
  AH-1362581  PVRVF 4 A1 – Vapour-transfer-valve with sequence control, pneumatically actuated, for mineral oil tankers, non-corrosive vapours. for DN 80 hose, Self-opening at vacuum 30-40 mbar, Temperature range: -25 to 70°C
 AH-1641995  PVREV-100A1E. Coaming vacuum safety vent with End-of-Line Flame Arrester


P/V valve and flamearresters SENING
 Part #  Name
 S-DO70-F  P/V vent sequential
 S-DBG-2  Flamearrester, outlet 2” BSP female thread


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TW – DIN 28450
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