Nozzles for oxygen and hydrogen
CH1000 / CH2000 Series
CH1000 / CH2000 Series OPW Series self-service nozzles are designed for high pressure, high flow Hydrogen fueling systems. Applications include quick-fill, self-service fueling nozzles of automobiles, light trucks, vans and buses. All OPW Hydrogen fueling nozzles are designed and built to exacting engineering specifications for fueling safety and efficiency. Must be used only in conjunction with OPW LH5000, LJ5000, LK5000 or LK3600 ISO Profile Hydrogen receptacles.
Body: 316L stainless steel with stainless steel jaws
Internal Components: 316L stainless steel
Seals: specially formulated polymers and elastomers specific to high pressure Hydrogen applications.
User Friendly Single Action Operation - Engage nozzle and receptacle with a 180° rotation of the handle. This secures nozzle jaws onto receptacle, activating a system of three internal valves that regulate fuel flow. The nozzle will not dispense gas until securely engaged onto matching receptacle. When fueling is complete, rotate the handle back through 180° to the disconnect position to automatically stop the flow of gas and release the nozzle from the receptacle.
Ergonomic Design - One simple and convenient motion ensures connection and dispensing by all users. Insulated jacket protects operator's hands.
High-Flow / Fast-Fill Capability - Provides quick fueling for all types of vehicles. Internal seat designs and materials have been specially selected for high flow Hydrogen fueling.
Internal 0.2 mm Filter - Filter protects from impurities in the high velocity gas stream that can damage the nozzle and receptacle seals as well as components in the vehicle fuel system.
Directed Vent - Captures the gas vented at disconnect and directs it out of the nozzle via a 1/4" stainless steel vent tube which can be piped to a remote venting location or back to a compressor. Capturing vent gas is environmentally desirable by agencies such as EPA and provides an added measure of safety by minimizing the amount of gas present at the filling site.
Jaw-Lock Technology - Designed specifically for the frequent coupling and uncoupling of high-pressure gas connections of Hydrogen fueling. Contact pressures are distributed over the entire beveled edge of the receptacle, thus reducing long-term wear.
Dedicated Coupling Profile - The jaw and receptacle profiles are designed to eliminate the chance of misconnection to any other form of fuel such as CNG. This nozzle will only couple securely to an OPW "L" Series Hydrogen receptacle.
Durable Construction - Heavy Duty 316 Stainless Steel construction provides unmatched corrosion resistance in this harsh and difficult refueling environment.
Stuart Energy, a Leader in Hydrogen Fuel Systems, provided support in developing these nozzles.
Individually Leak Tested and Inspected with Traceable Serial Numbers.


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