Hoses for abrasive media
  -30 °C ÷ +70 °C
  Suitable for suction and delivery of dry cement to road tankers and storage bins or silos. On request, with built-in copper wires to provide electrical continuity between both ends (CEMENT SM/E).
Tube: Black, antistatic smooth BR/NR rubber compound, abrasion resistant (60 - 70 mm2)
Reinforcement: Synthetic textile fabrics, embedded steel wire helix.
Cover: Black, abrasion and weatherresistant, SBR rubber compound.
# Part #
I.D. O.D. W.P. B. P. Weight Bend Rad
1. IH36923105 75 93 10 bar 30 bar 3,53 450
2. IH36923102 100 118 10 bar 30 bar 4,80 600


CEMENT 713 10
  -30 °C ÷ +70 °C
  Suitable for delivery of dry cement , grain, seeds and animal feed to road tankers and storage bins or silos.
Tube: Smooth, black, antistatic, abrasion resistant SBR/ NBR rubber compound: max 60-70 mm2
Reinforcement: Synthetic textile fabrics and builtin copper wire giving electrical
Cover: Black, abrasion and weatherresistant, SBR rubber compound.
3. IH36822217 75 93 10 bar 30 bar 2,92 900
4. IH36822220 100 120 10 bar 30 bar 4,29 1200


  -30 °C ÷ +70 °C
  Suitable for conveying of wet and dry sand and grit blasting materials. This hose is manufactured to carry a working pressure of 10 bar, but the EN ISO 3861 prescribes a max. W.P. of 6.3 bar.
Tube: NBR/SBR , smooth, black, antistatic, abrasion resistant, abrasion ISO 4649: max 60 - 70 mm2
Reinforcement: Synthetic textile fabrics yarns.
Cover: Black, smooth, antistatic, weather and abrasion resistant SBR/NBR compound. The cover is pinpricked to prevent blistering and bubbling, max. resistance on finished hose: 2,0 MΩ/m
5. IH36820209 80 105 10 bar 40 bar 4,32 800
6. IH36820211 100 125 10 bar 40 bar 5,30 1000


  -30 °C ÷ +70 °C
  Grey band hose for dry cement, plaster, kieselguhr, granulates, wheat and feeding stuffs. The especially thick inner tube is almost indestructible. There is practically no abrasion and a comparatively very long life time is also achieved with abrasive mediums.
Tube: Special rubber compound black, el. conductive
Reinforcement: One textile braid with tinned copper strands.
Cover: SBR black, electrically conductive
7. ZD75 75 91 6 bar 30 bar 3,0 400
8. ZD100 100 120 6 bar 30 bar 4,5 550


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