Hoses for LPG
Liquid gas application (methane, propane, LPG) loading of tankers. According to EN 1762 (hoses and hose assemblies for LPG and natural gas)
Tube: Low diffusion rate NBR rubber compound of uniform thickness
Reinforcement: Synthetic textile fabrics, embedded built-in copper wire to facilitate the electrical connection between the hose and the end couplings
Cover: Black, smooth, antistatic (R < 1 MΩ/m), abrasion, oil, fuel and weather resistant NBR/SBR rubber compound. Pinpricked to prevent the formation of blisters
Working tº -30 °C ÷ + 55 °C
Tolerances I.D. ≤ I.D. 38 mm: ± 0,50 mm; > I.D. 38 mm: ± 0,60 mm
O.D. ≤ O.D. 52 mm: ± 1,00 mm; > O.D. 52 mm: ± 1,20 mm
L ± 1%
Vacuum ≤ I.D. 51 mm: 0,80 bar (600 mm Hg)


Liquid gas applications (methane, propane, LPG) in the loading and unloading of tankers and in the service stations.
Tube: Low diffusion rate seamless extruded NBR rubber compound of uniform thickness.
Reinforcement: Two braids of high tensile steel wire
Cover: Black, SBR/CR rubber compound pin-pricked to prevent the formation of blisters, resistant to abrasion, oils, ozone and weathering
Working tº -30 °C ÷ +70 °C
Tolerances L: ± 1%


As reel hose for supplies to domestic and industrial storage tanks, as pump hose for vehicle refuelling, for bulk loading and unloading from rail tankers, road tankers and ships. For special suction / pressure operation needs the type LPGS with stainless steel helix is available on request. Not suitable for ammonia!
Tube: Nitrile rubber (NBR), black, seamlessly extruded, electrically conductive, diffusion resistant
Reinforcement: 2 textile braids/2 crossed tinned copper strands
Cover: Chloroprene (CR), black, perforated, electrically conductive, flame and abrasion resistant, ozone - UV and ageing resistant.
Working tºC -40 °C ÷ +70 °C <
Suction 0,2 bar at ID<75


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